Almost a year ago I started coding on my side project, Points Pattern. I originally wanted to create Points Pattern to let anyone understand the hobby of credit card churning. Essentially taking advantage of the bonuses credit card companies provide you for getting a new credit card so that you travel for almost free (usually $5 or $10 in fees after your points). I’ve been doing this hobby for years and gone on trips to Amsterdam, San Francisco, Austin and many other places for almost nothing! …

Diversification preserves wealth, concentration generates it

I’ve had a Casper mattress for 3 years and I love it. I felt like I got a steal when I bought it compared to going to a big box mattress store. Instead of spending thousands, I had a mattress delivered to my doorstep for a fraction of the cost. It was even “memory foam”, which always had seemed like it was a luxury bedding product. After having a Casper though, it didn’t feel like I had bought a luxury item.

Casper’s Original Mattress

This is the bed that I bought. I had bought a good bed for a solid value. Casper’s entire…

The First Blockchain Security Conference

Two weeks ago I got to speak at HoshoCon, the first blockchain security conference of its kind, along with a ton of other amazing speakers including Andreas Antonopoulos.

The crowd was a mix of developers, companies, and even people brand new to the industry trying to figure out what’s going. We met up with a lot of familiar faces and some new ones as well in the Las Vegas crypto scene and beyond.

But to the point, here are some highlights from the talks at the conference:

Keynote – Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas is undoubtedly one of the most influential speakers in the industry. Our…

They instead cause infinite more problems to worry about

It came out recently that ICOs by size were equivalent to 45% of IPOs created in the Q2 of 2018¹. These mostly unregulated securities offerings were growing exponentially, yet many of them are now private deals done with large institutional investors for the sake of making a buck rather than creating a true decentralized product and ecosystem.

To go even further into the fray of the traditional world many companies are attempting to do a STO (Security Token Offering) which they believe will allow them to have greater regulatory safety. …

One of the biggest dApps to date is a pyramid scheme that advertises itself as so

Cryptocurrencies have been ripe with scams, illegal markets, and fraud since they started. I want to make it clear that while the inherent nature of cryptocurrencies isn’t to be gateway for fraud, they’re being used as the tool as with any system in the real world. In any case though, they are happening and people are being taken advantage of.

The main reason it occurs though is because people are using centralized systems to hold and store their cryptocurrencies — which was never intended to be done by it’s creators. …

300 Developers and Some of the Best Companies in the Industry

Last week I got the chance to speak at the BuildETH conference in San Fransisco along with a ton of other amazing speakers. The conference was a mix of advanced developers, people who were just starting to get into the space, and many blockchain companies in the SF community.

Companies such as Coinbase, MakerDAO, Consensys, Amberdata, and many more came out to talk to a few hundred developers and blockchain enthusiasts. There were lots of great talks by members of these companies. Below is a few highlights:

Analysis of Failed Contracts — Joseph Chow

One of my favorite talks of the day, Joseph delved into many of…

Would you use Instagram if you had to pay 1 penny to like a photo?

EOS’s soon to be launched mainnet is stirring up a lot of talk this recent month. As with many other coins this platform is supposed to be the next “Ethereum Killer”. It can be argued that any other blockchain will have a lot of trouble getting to the stage Ethereum is at currently in a short time frame because of the large developer base, tools and dApps that exist already. Either way though, EOS has a few interesting properties that would raise any developer’s eyebrows after using Ethereum for awhile.

EOS’s main advantages are fundamental to value proposition: zero fees…

The Road to a +$100 Trillion Token Market

Tokens are a fascinating topic and every day there is new innovation coming out. As a developer it’s an amazing feeling to be able to create value that anyone can access from a computer anywhere in the world. We’re in the new decentralized economy and it’s only growing! I’m constantly talking to people who see a world where tokens are used as ubiquitously as credit cards, personally I give it 20 years.

Bancor’s Top Tokens

Right now there are three main token types: utility, commodity and security.

Except the few that understand crypto-economics

While this title is scary, it will sadly be the case for many utility tokens unless they change the way they’re structured to fit the new landscape that is coming.

“This is fine.”

All of this will be a slow progression but it’s going to happen because two new technologies are rapidly advancing this year: stable coins and atomic swaps. Let’s start by explaining these two concepts.

Stable Coins

Stable coins are coins with extremely minimal volatility, most try to peg themselves closely to already established sovereign currencies. The two best player’s in the market right now are Dai ( and TrueUSD ( …

From the wild west to a new era of regulation

Coming from building a startup with VC funding and understanding the pitfalls of trying to raise money traditionally when I first heard the idea of token sales it seemed brilliant. It inherently solved many traditional problems a startup faced.

In the traditional funding world once you have your brilliant idea and have developed an MVP you need users, motivated users, who want to use your product and spread it so you can hit that hockey stick growth that every VC wants to see. In the VC world, finding dedicated users and funding were two separate challenges.

The first iteration of…

Petros Ring

Cofounder of Leet (exited to Unikrn). Current working on

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