• Andrew Donley

    Andrew Donley

    Cryptocurrency enthusiast, advocate and developer. CTO at block16.io , a venture studio that provides advisory services, marketing and technical solutions.

  • Quan Nguyen

    Quan Nguyen

  • Joshua Denney

    Joshua Denney

    I design things, write stuff, instill confidence, connect people & think a lot. I'm also EXTREMELY funny. Design/tech for @tinybuddha & YOU!

  • Ron McFarland, PhD

    Ron McFarland, PhD

    Dr. Ron McFarland, PhD, CISSP (email: highervista@gmail.com)

  • Crader Rus

    Crader Rus

  • ecorp


    Founded in 1996, eCorp is the worlds largest virtual Domain Development Incubator on the planet. We create and match great domain platforms.

  • Mohamed Hirsi

    Mohamed Hirsi

  • Nicholas Porter

    Nicholas Porter

    Researcher. Software. Plants.

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